Have you always wanted to go on holiday abroad but are grounded by a fear of flying? Look no further as hypnotherapy could be the answer you have been searching for!

Phobias come in all shapes and sizes, from the phobia of spiders and creepy crawlies, to flying or driving on the motorway, it may be a phobia of heights or open spaces or you may find yourself unable even to look at a snake or mouse. Whatever your phobia, if you are fed up of it getting in the way, hypnosis is an excellent way to rid yourself of that irrational fear for good.

The difference between a fear and a phobia is that a fear is a rational, albeit unpleasant, reaction when confronted with real danger. It is an essential instinct often known as ‘fight or flight’, which makes our body prepare for the danger. A phobia on the other hand is an irrational fear where our response is not in line with the object of our fear, which actually poses little or no real danger.

The fear and intense feelings that can be experienced from a phobia are very real to you and hypnosis is a very effective way of allowing us to deal with the object of our fear in a deeply relaxed and comfortable state.

At the Bayes Hypnotherapy Clinic we have over ten years of experience of helping people to tackle their phobias. Our qualified therapist is compassionate and discreet, and as a member of the Professional body, British Society of Clinical Hypnosis (BSCH), abides by their code of conduct and ethics.

Our previous clients were pleased and amazed at how easy and stress free it was to say goodbye to their phobias forever!

What does the treatment involve and how long does it take?

The treatment will begin with an initial consultation that takes up to 2 hours. After this consultation the treatment is given over two to four sessions, which are around an hour each.

What next?

Call or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book your initial consultations session.

So don’t delay contact us today to book your initial consultation and start planning your holiday!